Great things

Great things about being a Creative Director:

1. We have the best jobs in the world. We are paid to think fun crazy thoughts.
2. If we fuckup, we blame the production site.
3. If no production site was involved, blame the account manager.
3. Creativity doesn’t bump into you whenever you want it to. This is why no working schedule can be applied.
4. Small chances to get fired. After all, you do bring the big money that feeds everyone in the company.
5. You get to meet the big fishes.
6. You can be an arsehole anytime you feel like it. Blame the creativity mood for that.
7. If the boss asks you why you don’t work, tell him that work/life balance is possible IF you work smartly and efficiently.

To be continued…

Scris de Marius Ciuchete-Paun


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